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Rubber foam blanket with self -adhesive
Rubber foam blanket with self -adhesive

Rubber foam blanket with self -adhesive

Product ID : IK-RFS004
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Firstflex® rubber foam thermal insulating materials are produced by the cutting-edge technology introduced from abroad and the automatic production line, with nitrile rubber and polyvinyl chloride in excellent performances as the main materials and via special processes of ban burying, sulfuration, foaming, etc.

Product Description


1.Length: 5000-30000mm

2.Width: 1000, 1200mm, 1500mm

3.Thickness: 3 - 50mm

4.Density: 40kg/m3 - 80kg/m3

Technical Parameters:


Product Advantages: 

Environment friendly.

Saves energy

Easy to cut, handle and install.

Euro fire classification: B1 B0

No health hazard, asbestos free.

Excellent thermal and acoustic insulation.

Stable physical and chemical properties.


1.Common plain package

2. Firstflex Brand Package

3.OEM Package



ISOKING TM rubber foam is light and easy to install in office building, HVAC system and also other residential, industrial buildings such as: Prefabricated houses; HVAC Duct works.



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