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Ceramic Fiber Insulation Paper
Ceramic Fiber Insulation Paper

Ceramic Fiber Insulation Paper

Product ID : IK-CFP001
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Product Description

Product Description:

Ceramic fiber paper is made of high-purity refractory fibers for high-temperature insulation. Advanced manufacturing techniques allow for very uniform fiber distribution, and paper thickness and storage can also be tightly controlled. Made from scientifically selected, strictly controlled micro-bonded refractory ceramic fibers. The adhesive burns completely during use.


Easy to cut, pack or shape.

Low thermal conductivity and thermal storage.

Excellent thermal shock resistance and flame retardancy.

Excellent hydrophobic property.

Good dielectric strength.

Excellent corrosion resistance

Low slag ball content and no layer

Standard Dimension:

(1220) 610*60000*1mm;

(1220) 610*30000*2mm;

(1220) 610*20000*3mm;

(1220) 610*15000*4mm;

(1220) 610*12000*5mm;

Application of Ceramic Fiber Paper:

Asbestos paper replacement.

Investment casting mold wrap insulation.

Support lining for metal grooves.

Thermal top lining.

Thermal and electrical insulation.

Kiln deck covering for insulation

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