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Urgent shipment to prevent rising shipping costs

Urgent shipment to prevent rising shipping costs

At present, our fiber glass wools and rock wool are in a busy shipping process. These goods will be shipped separately to multiple countries including Indonesia, Vietnam, Brazil, Chile, Australia, Italy, Bangladesh, and so on.

It is worth emphasizing that the current ocean freight rates are showing a continuous upward trend, and from the current trend, there are signs of this bullish trend continuing to strengthen and expand. In this situation, many customers are eagerly hoping to ship the goods as soon as possible, because they hope to avoid the significant increase in costs caused by further increases in shipping costs.

In order to fully support our clients, our team members have worked tirelessly, working overtime, and racing against time to devote themselves to various preparation and coordination work. They are fully focused and conscientious, just to ensure that this batch of goods can arrive at each destination smoothly and in a timely manner. Because we have always upheld a firm customer-centric philosophy, we are fully committed to meeting the various needs and expectations of our customers, regardless of the circumstances.

In the future, we will continue to closely monitor the dynamic changes in the market, continuously optimize and improve our workflow, and strive to provide customers with higher quality and excellent products and services. At the same time, we also sincerely thank our customers for their unwavering trust and strong support in us for a long time. It is precisely because of them that we can continue to move forward and develop. We firmly believe that through our unremitting efforts and the continuous support of our customers, we can create a more brilliant future.

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